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As a kind of gel materials.Cement plays critical role in the construction field of human world.It is widely used in civil engineering, building,infrastructure etc.
China is the biggest country for cement production.It ranks No.1 in the world more than decade in terms of capacity.Chinese cement products boast of wide category and economic effective,Which attribute to the introduction and secondary development of world cutting edge technology and equipment.Through intense competition,some unique made-in-China technologies survive and stand out in Chinese cement industry.
Who survive,who win the market.To introduce these remarkable technologies to the world,to verify the effectiveness of Chinese technical solutions.To help overseas cement plants benefit from the globalization of cement technology .To save energy and make the utmost advantage of technical progress.That’s what,relentlessly, Topnewer endeavor to.
TOPNEWER,take root in Shandong, and burgeon from China.Our brands represent:T–Trustable,O–Open minded,P-Professional,NEWER– New+Better.
Having been dedicated in research of Cement technology and equipment.Topnewer’s muscle is energy saving solution.Exclusive techs such as CGB, VRM air-tighten feeder,L-NIB, Ceramic Diptube, to name just a few, are all worthwhile trying.These technical solutions have been through the stringent test and acceptance of Chinese cement market.Many successful cases are there for study and verified inside China.
Take CGB for instance,more than 200 Chinese cement ball mills can prove:As compared with high-chrome steel ball, it's much lighter.And because it reduces remarkably the ball mill loading weight.The power consumption rate see an amazing drop,3-5kwh/t saving rate once hit the headline of all Chinese cement based magazines and industrial medias.Some Cement experts even thus asked:Since it shows so great power saving performance,Is there any need to promote the non-grinding-ball technology?What sense does it make to install vertical mill,which is way too costly but just aim at 3-5.



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