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CGB tech expect to upgrade to next level.

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According to a Chinese research institute, various grinding systems reveal various specific power consumption rate. A comparison table was made as follow :

Since CGB tech was introduced to cement ball mill system, especially for those with roller press as pre-grinder, the power saving is conspicuous. In order to help more cement plants ( without roller press ) to benefit from CGB tech for power saving , Topnewer is relentlessly studying and researching how to apply CGB in ball mill without roller press.

According to our latest evaluation, a 2.2m*12m ball mill in India after converting from 2 chamber to 3 chamber mill, combined with our new patent diaphragm, 8kwh/t saving is promising!

If it were not for the pandemic outbreak in India,Topnewer specialist team were on the way to visit this India cement plant,and rolled our sleeves to make a new breakthrough.

We are cautious and thus won’t claim we have successfully upgraded our tech to apply our CGB to ball mill without roller press until we make it hit in this India cement plant.




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