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How CGB technology affect the cement quality and grain distr

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Early between March 13-April 12, 2015, in a Cement plant of China Shandong province, the CGB application trial was carried out on a ɸ3.2m*13m 2-compartment ball mill.It’s close circuit design with roller press. And the CGB was loaded in their 2nd compartment to replace HCS ball (high chrome steel) balls.After 1 month repeated test,adjustment and optimization,finally they got result as follow:

When CGB was loaded to replace HC steel balls, this ball mill witnessed a electric current drop from 105A to 70A thanks to the loading weight decline. The S.p power thus decreased 4.39kwh/t for PPC、 and 3.84kwh/t for OPC 43.

In terms of production capacity, although there’s slight drop, it’s within 3% variation.Good news is that the particles at a range 3-32µm increase whereas that in the scope ≤3µm decrease which means the overground issue was optimized.

From quality side: 3-day strength went a bit lower,but the 28-days strength went up.

After comparison,it was determined that even there’s slight quality difference,but in light of prominent effect of power saving, CGB is worth recommending to cement ball mill.Since then, more and more Chinese cement plants are introducing CGB technology to their ball mill operation.




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