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Ceramic Dip Tube

Reliable Ceramic Dip tube

Quality Features:

① No High temperature Corrosion
② High temperature resistance,
③ No carbonation
④ High erosion resistance,
⑤ Fit for purpose -Thermal shock performance,

Physical Features:

1) Modular design
2) Available in standard lengths
3) Standard elements
4) lesser manufacturing Lead time
5) Standard fixation elements for all cyclone sizes
Advantages than traditional heat resistant steel dip tubes:

① Minimum 2 years or Minimum 3 times Longer life time
② No need for special tools for installation
③ Adaptable to cyclones of various dimensions.
④ Easy to replace ceramic tubes in case of any errors
⑤ Spare parts included 2% of tube
⑥ Lesser re-installation ( for the 2nd time- 2 days)



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