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Nowadays, in most ball mills of cement industry,high-chromium steel grinding medias are used as grinding media which has density between 7.6-7.8g/cm3. As comparison,ceramic grinding ball is much lower which is generally around 3.6-3.8g/cm3,53% lower steel grinding media.When CGB is introduced to ball mill to replace steel grinding media, based on equal feeding level, the loading weight of grinding media shall witness a reduction of minimum 50%.Consequently,the ball mill load drop along with electric power decline.Given that the grinding efficiency remain unchanged,the feed rate of clinker remain the same,the power saving is obvious and reasonable.

Below is the advantage of applying our CGB to substitute traditional steel balls in cement ball mill end chamber.

Saving power: it helps reduce 20% of loading weight of grinding media, and the main engine current sees a decrease of 20% minimum, the electric power is reduced by around 10-15% per MT cement output.

Decrease of temperature and noise: It helps bring down the inner temperature by 15-20℃ and noise by 15 db during mill operation.

Longer grinding life: The wear loss is less than 50% of that of steel ball.Take P.O.43 in China for instance, the high Cr6 steel ball is 30-40g/T in wear loss rate ( 1 chamber),while the alumina grinding media is 15g/M maximum.

Environment friendly: It helps the cement free from metallic pollution.Because alumina grinding media contains no metallic elements as compared with high chrome steel balls, it’s much more environment friendly.



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