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Application of PP Hollow Formwork in Building Construction.

[Oct 5,2019]


No-toxic, Environment friendly
It perfectly substitutes the timber or plywood formworks and features odorless,no-toxic,no pollution to the environment. It doesn’t generate any pollutants to the environment.

Steady performance,high physical strength
It is weather proof with small expansion coefficient. Under working temperature from -10℃ to 75℃, there’s no shrinkage and expansion, no crack and deformation, the dimension remain unchanged. Many tests verify that this PPHF is with high physical strength against large impact. It withstands drop from high altitude without crack and breakage; it is also resistant to water absorption,mildew,decay,rust etc,therefore boasting low maintenance cost.

Easy for handling and cutting, quick operation
Our PPHF are easy for handling and adaptable for all carpentry work such as sawing,digging,drilling,pinning etc. With these operation,any shape can be made to meet the requirement of a variety of construction designs for formworking. Prior to the suspension work, various shapes of formwork could be processed and assembled for beam, pole,wall and floorslab etc,which result in improved erection efficiency and shortened work duration.

One-shot forming, smooth surface,quality forming effect and  cost saving solution
Assembly is executed strictly in line with the drawings to ensure the dimension and assembly result. After disassembly, the concrete surface is smooth and flat,which is obviously better than previous formworking effect and requirement. No need for plastering again,and the time and materials are saved for re-plastering the concrete surface.


Easy to disassemble,time saving solution
Disassembly of the formwork traditionally need special agent,which isn’t easy for clean and maintenance afterward. However, when our PPHF is put into se,there’s no need for applying the disassembly agent.The disassembly work become easy and simple.Meanwhile,the cleaning and maintenance are also of no headache to the user, thus a optimized solution for recycle usage.

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