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Introduction To Alumina

[Mar 1,2019]

Alumina, chemical formula Al2O3. It is a high hardness compound with a melting point of 2054 ° C and a boiling point of 2980 ° C. Ionized ionic crystals at high temperatures are commonly used in the manufacture of refractory materials.

Industrial alumina is prepared from bauxite (Al2O3·3H2O) and diaspore. For high purity Al2O3, it is generally prepared by chemical methods. Al2O3 has many isomorphous crystals, and there are currently more than 10 kinds of crystals, mainly three kinds of crystal forms, namely α-Al2O3, β-Al2O3, and γ-Al2O3. Among them, the structure has different properties, and is almost completely converted into α-Al2O3 at a high temperature of 1300 ° C or higher.

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