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Topnewer energy-saving solution of Fan system

[Feb 21,2020]

In China,the power consumption in fan system account for 40% the overall cement plant electricity cost. Against certain design flaws in traditional fan system, a series of technical upgrading solutions were developed which had been justified by more than 80 units. This series solution feature power

saving upto 10-30% and improvement in fan efficiency to 80-90%. Other advantages such as low noice, low vibration, long service life also contribute to its reputation in Chinese cement industry.

Description of our energy-saving solution of Fan system :

Foundations and motor remain unchanged.

High adaptability for nearly all fan system of cement plants including:

Raw meal fan /ID fan /ESP fan /CE fan /Coal mill exhaust fan


The operating efficiency of the fans would be increased from around 65% to over 80% .

Energy saving see improvement of 10% to 30%.

Around 1.5 years Return on investment.

Shaft power sees a drop of 10% to 30%

Energy Saving and Electricity Saving

Upgraded fans would reduce the shaft power by 10% to 30% while achieving the equivalent workload (air flow and pressure), thus realizing the goal of significantly lower power consumption.

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