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Weakness of traditional HRCS diptube.

[Feb 24,2020]

 Suspension Preheater

Cyclones play important role in preheater.

It was invented since 1880s. Since then, it has expanded function from separation and collection to classification. As the weight of gas-liquid, liquid-solid and solid vary, the separation efficiency through centrifugal operation of the cyclone is remarkable for cement production.

The 4-stage suspension preheater was invented in Danmark in 1930s. In 1950s, Humboldt Germany presented the first unit of rotary kiln 2.5mX40m with suspension preheater, in which the cyclone function was introduced to NSP cement clinker production process. Previously the heating and decomposition of cement raw meal was carried out inside rotary kiln through rolling and piling movement.Now,it transfers to the suspension preheater.The heat exchange and CaCO3 decomposition of partial meal are operated under suspension status which witness a outstanding improvement of heat exchange rate and production efficiency. As a result, the production of kiln escalated from 121t/day by wet kiln method to 195t/day and the heat loss drop from 6875kJ/ to 4400kJ/ This new suspension preheating technology made big economic success and was widely applied to cement industry then.

Traditional HRCS diptube weakness

For instance:

  1. 1.Collapse of diptubes happen frequently.
  2. 2.When collapse is severe, some materials from the kiln rush to the cooler directlywhich cause heavy emission of ash on both rotary kiln ends.
  3. 3.Positive pressure is witnessed often.The system run into high ventilation resistance.
  4. 4.The insufficient pressure of the kiln inlet lead to insufficient calcination of pulverized coal.
  5. 5.The clogging issue is saw often in the kiln outlet shrinkage zone.
  6. 6.The clogging would exacerbate the collapse of the cylinder.


Traditional HRCS diptube weakness

Another instance:

  1. 1.Clogging would be expected often in connecting duct system due to frequent collapse.
  2. 2.The ventilation is ruined and that result in higher resistance of the system.
  3. 3.The higher resistance would exacerbate the inner collapse.
  4. 4.The function of preheater would be ruined, consequently,the decomposition efficiency drop.

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