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  • Ceramic Grinding Balls

    Professional ceramic grinding balls manufacturers and suppliers in China.

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  • PP Hollow Formwork

    No-toxic, Environment friendly,Steady performance,high physical strength,Easy for handling and cutting, quick operation,One-shot forming, smooth surface,quality forming effect and cost saving solution,Easy to disassemble,time saving solution.

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  • Ceramic Inner Tube of Preheater

    Inner Dip Tube,Ceramic Dip Tube,Ceramic inner dip tube shape,Ceramic dip tube.

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  • Heat Insulation Material

    The heat insulation material has the advantages of high refractoriness, low thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, easy construction and high cost performance.

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  • Tabular Alumina

    High-density,High heat capacity,Low water absorption,High thermal conductivity,High hardness and wear resistance,Good thermal shock resistance,High electrical resistance.

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  • Calcined Aluminas

    Calcined aluminas are commonly used in the manufacture of refractory materials, glass and enamel, ceramic tiles and ceramics, and electronic ceramics. 

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  • Alumina Rolled Grinding Balls

    We’re professional alumina rolled grinding balls manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products.

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  • Alumina Rolled Ceramic Balls

    TOPNEWER Alumina rolled ceramic balls are made of α-alumina powder as raw material and calcined in high temperature tunnel kiln. It has many physical and chemical advantages different from metal…

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  • Rolled Cement Alumina Ball

    The rolled cement alumina ball is made by using alumina powder as raw material and fired at high temperature in tunnel kiln after molding process. According to the basic content of…

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  • Rolled Ceramic Grinding Balls

    Alumina ceramic grinding ball is selected from α-Al2O3 powder as raw materials, and ceramic balls which are calcined by high temperature tunnel kiln by advanced molding process. It has the…

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  • Rolled Alumina Grinding Ball

    Rolled alumina grinding balls have high hardness, high density, low wear and corrosion resistance. They are ideal grinding media for grinding glazes and various minerals. They are mainly used in…

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  • Alumina Rolled Balls

    Technical Specification of Alumina Rolled Balls The alumina rolled balls has the advantages of high density, high hardness, high wear resistance, good regularity and corrosion resistance. It is the most…

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  • Alumina Pressed Grinding Balls

    Topnewer produce process adopts cold isostatic pressing, and the raw materials are made of calcined alumina powder with high abrasion resistance, which improves the stability of the product and reduces…

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  • Alumina Pressed Ceramic Balls

    We’re professional alumina pressed ceramic balls manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products. We warmly welcome you to buy bulk alumina pressed ceramic balls from our factory. for price consultation, contact us.

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  • Pressed Ceramic Grinding Balls

    Topnewer has two and eight cold isostatic pressing machines for 1550 °C high temperature tunnel kilns, which ensures the stable quality of alumina balls. The typical characteristics of pressed ceramic…

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