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Alumina Ball

Cement alumina rolled ball use industrial aluminum oxide powder as raw materials and advanced molding equipment after rolling shaping technology, through fired at high-temperature tunnel kiln calcined.

TOPNEWER as a cement alumina grinding ball technology and development company.cement alumina grinding ball also known as Cement High Alumina Ball、Alumina Ball.

TOPNEWER as a manufacturer of cement high alumina ball, provides 92% to 95% of high alumina  balls.

The density of alumina grinding media produced by Topnewer can reach more than 3.6g/cm3, Ceramic raw materials in the ball mill grinding process, the ceramic ball will not be broken, and will not pollute the ground material.

In the process of cement production, many challenges are often encountered. How to save energy, how to improve product quality, and how to improve work efficiency.

The use of ceramic balls instead of steel ball in cement grinding is the general trend of the transformation and upgrading of national excess production capacity products, and it is the realistic requirement of reducing cost and saving energy. It can reduce the harm of heavy metals and the social responsibility of green cement. The quality of cement products plays an important role in improving the competitiveness of cement enterprises.

The solutions proposed for you are as follows:
1. Energy saving: cement alumina ball can reduce mill load by more than 30%, about power saving 5~8Kwh per ton.

2.The quality is improved: the cement performance is improved, the particle size distribution is more reasonable, the particle content of 3 ~ 3.5 μ m is increased by 2%, the particle spherical is increased, the standard viscosity is increased, and the water in the use of reclaimed water is reduced by 1% to 2%. Improve the adaptability of cement concrete admixture.

3.Improve grinding efficiency: due to the excellent wear resistance of cement alumina grinding ball, the wear of the mill is reduced. The utility model has the advantages of excellent density, saving mill space and increasing cement output.

Product highlight of Alumina Ball

1.By using cold isostatic pressing, high density and high hardness are there, the grinding efficiency is improved, the grinding duration is reduced, the effective grinding space is increased, and the production capacity is improved.

2.The wear amount is low, the grinding cost is reduced, the service life is prolonged, and the cost-effectiveness is high.

3.The main component is alumina, which has no pollution to materials (such as ceramics).

4.High whiteness can improve the whiteness of ceramic body.

Criterion of Fracture Strength

Diameter (MM) TNR-Cement Alumina Rolled Ball
13MM 15kn
15MM 25kn
17MM 30kn
20MM 35kn
25MM 40kn
30MM 45kn



Productin process


25kg double layers plastic bags or as client’s request.

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