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Cement CGB

Cement CGB (Ceramic Grinding Ball) is made of high purity alumina.It has the excellent grinding efficiency in ball mill and cement industry.

The Cement CGB (Abbr. Ceramic Grinding Ball) also known as Cement Ceramic Ball,is made of high purity alumina.The alumina based products feature high temperature tolerance,hard wear resistance and high performance in anti-erosion.

Mainly divided into rolled ball, pressed ball.(CGB mainly divided into alumina rolled ball, alumina pressed ball.)

Cement alumina pressed ball is made of high-quality materials and advanced cold isostatic pressing technology to form high-quality grinding media after high-temperature calcined.

Cement alumina rolled ball use industrial aluminum oxide powder as raw materials and advanced molding equipment after rolling shaping technology, through fired at high-temperature tunnel kiln calcined.

As the grinding media of ball mill, it is widely used in ceramic, cement, coating, chemical industry, medicine, mining and other industries.It has the excellent grinding efficiency in ball mill and cement industry.

TOPNEWER, as a supplier of Ceramic Balls For Cement Ball Mill provides high-quality CGB and comprehensive solutions for high efficiency grinding of ball mills.

Product Highlight of Cement Ceramic Ball

1. With high whiteness, the quality of grinding material is not affected.

2. Formed by rolling and cold isostatic pressing with high specific gravity. The grinding efficiency of the ball mill is significantly improved, the grinding duration is shortened, the effective volume of ball mill is highly increased, and the service life of the ball mill is greatly prolonged.

3. The wear and tear is very low, which greatly prolongs the service life of the ball mill.

4. High temperature over 1550 °C, acid, alkali and corrosion resistance.

The typical properties of cement CGB are:

1.High density, 3.6g/cm3.

2. Ultrahigh hardness, Mohs scale 9, only next to Diamond in mineral.

3. Good corrosion resistance, resistant to most acids and Alkalis.

4. Excellent wear resistance, very low wear loss, less than15‰.

5. Uniform and regular in shape.

Chemical and Physical of properties

Chemical   Properties Typical Value
Al2O3(%) ≥92
SiO(%) ≤7
MgO+CaO(%) ≤ 2
Fe2O3(%) ≤0.1
Water absorption rate(%) 0.01
Physical Properties
Bulk density (g/cm3 ) ≥3.60
Porosity (%) 0
Hardness (Mohs) ≥9
Hardness (Rockwell) 80-83
Wearing Loss (gram)/MT Clinker ≤ 15
Fracture Strength (KN) ≥60
Breakage rate(%) ≤ 0.05
Color White


Industrial test Standard reference:

GB/T 2997 – 2000 for bulk density,porosity.

GB/T 6900.9 – 2006 for alumina purity

GB/T 6900.10 –2006 for chemical composition

GB/T 8488.5-2001 for water absorption


Criterion of Fracture Strength

Diameter (MM) Pressed CGB Rolled CGB
13MM 40kn 15kn
15MM 60kn 25kn
17MM 80kn 30kn
20MM 100kn 35kn
25MM 130kn 40kn
30MM ≥130kn 45kn
As CGB is normally used in the 2nd or 3rd chamber,the application diameter is in the small range.
For the time being,2 shaping methods are adopted to produce CGB.One is by Isostatic press machine,so called pressed CGB; Another is made by rolling machine, so called rolled CGB.



Wear detection method

7L polyurethane standard grinding tank, filled with 4kg ball, 4kg water, 80r/min grinding for 24 h,

dry weight before grinding is M g, dry weight after grinding is M1 g, self-grinding is:


25kg double plastic bags or as request.


1.Product inspection.

2.Bulk density inspection

3.Wear loss inspection

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