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Ceramic Inner Tube of Preheater

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Dip tubes have significant influence on the separation efficiency of a cyclone. In modern suspension preheaters it is standard to use cyclones with a dip tube for improved separation. Especially the design of a lower stage dip tube requires know-how and expertise in order to achieve a low pressure drop of the cyclone by retaining the best possible separation efficiency (to avoid too high dust circulation). The choice of material is of great importance due to high operating temperatures, abrasive material and often existing chemical conditions.

Inner Dip Tube

Key function:

  • To increase separation efficiency
  • To enhance thermal exchange rate between gas and raw meal

Working conditions:

  • 1200℃ oxide etch
  • Corrosion from chlorine, sulfur and alkalis vapor
  • Abrasion from high-speed material flow 16- 30m/s

The shortest life is 4-6 months with traditional heat resistant materials according to China’s cement industry statistics.

Hasle Refractories (Danmark Solution)

  • Unreasonable structure
  • Al-Si series materials are fragile after 1500℃ burned
  • Weak corrosion resistance to K2O and Na2O vapors
  • Al2O3: 65% SiO2:35%
  • Commonly used: 1Cr18Ni9Ti / Cr35Ni12

Ceramic Dip Tube

Raw material: Silicon-carbide Advantages:

Remarkable perofrmance in abrasion & corrosion resistance and high strength in high temperature

Ceramic design which avoids clogging of the inlet chamber caused by brokage of the dib tube

Ceramic inner dip tube shape

Structure: Bar-type Advantages:

  • Easy installation and maintenance due to the light weight of ceramics and bar-type shape
  • It is more safety for assembly

Ceramic dip tube

Other benefits:

  • Service life : 2-3 times of traditional HR steel dip tube;
  • Lower replacement frequency: it would be reduced that result in maintenance cost drop further,and safety status improved;
  • Premium integrity: higher efficiency in separation and thermal exchange between metal and gas, which greatly reduce the heat consumption;
  • Environmental friendly: completely chrome free.


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