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  • Cement High Alumina Ball

    TOPNEWER as a manufacturer of cement high alumina ball, provides 92% to 95% of high alumina  balls.

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  • Ceramic Balls For Cement Ball Mill

    The high-performance ceramic balls produced by Topnewer is used for the characteristics of calcium carbonate and the ideal wear-resistant ceramic grinding media developed by the grinding process. It has been widely used in cement ball mill and has been well received by customers.

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  • Cement L-NIB

    Cement L-NIB (Low-dimentional Nano Insulation Board) is a new type of thermal insulation material developed and produced by our company on the basis of aerospace material technology, with special treatment and mixing of nano scale siliceous material and CL series auxiliary materials.

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  • Ceramic Dip Tube Of Preheater Cyclone

    Ceramic Dip Tube Of Preheater Cyclone have significant influence on the separation efficiency of a cyclone. In modern suspension preheaters it is standard to use cyclones with a dip tube for improved separation.

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